Music Done In a Different Way

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It is time to elevate music to it’s highest potential


The Vision

If you see music as a divine channel of expression, are looking to give voice to your inner call, hoping to partner with someone who understands the sacredness and divinity of your music, and are wishing to achieve this while maintaining music industry standards, you can call Astral Wolf Records your home!

A.W.R. aims not only to be a production service which delivers music of those who are fulfilling their musical call, but we also plan to be a pulsating and alive artistic environment.

This is the home of artists who are in service to humanity and understand their role and responsibility as a creators. A place with its own heartbeat, alive, where people can not only feel inspired but can find community and a piece of their soul family.

Astral Wolf’s goal is to build a center for healing through artistic expression. A place to learn, teach, improve, create and share your dreams.

I’m responsible for owning and sharing my unique, individual gifts. Through this process, I heal myself and by a natural consequence, the planet.







A Lesson on jupiter

Artist development, arranging, audio Post-production.



Under production

Artist development, recordings, arranging, audio Post-production.

Kenneth Hooper

directions (Under production)

Artist development, recordings, composition, arranging, audio Post-production.

Murmurations Duo

Taking flight

Audio post-production.



Gian Berselli

Journeys in Sound Healing Vol. 1





The Team


director and producer

Gian Berselli


Gian Berselli is the founder of Astral Wolf. His passion for music lead him to travel all across the world in the pursuit of his dreams.

His disappointment with the current state of the music industry inspired him to start his own business. His mission is to elevate musical creations and provide artists with real opportunities to share their music without giving away their true visions, ideals, and creative freedom.

His experience as a music producer and film composer, along with his desire to heal and elevate the planet are the founding stones of Astral Wolf.

He is determined to help artists bring their musical visions alive while allowing their souls to remain ignited and excited.

Gian has worked on over 10 feature films as a film composer, four albums as a producer, countless short films and commercials giving him the necessary tools to start a production company aligned with the world he envisions.