The Real Deal


The Real deal…

This is for you that have all these crazy ideas and have no idea how to bring them to life.

With this service you will enter A.W.R. as a family member. Doors will be open for you at all times!
The real deal is a service that will “take care” of the artist like a baby. We will listen to your musical ideas, work them with you, figure out the best way to bring them to this world, record them, create arrangements, compositions, write lyrics, hire other musicians, mix it, master it and release it!

With the real deal we will do EVERYTHING needed to bring your musical desire into this realm!


The Magic Dust


The Magic Dust…

Already have your song ready and recorded? Feel like it is a bit raw?

Why all these artists have songs that sounds so much richer and fuller than yours?
Well my dear artist friend, fear no more! Took me years to learn why!
It is a rare spice that comes from a magical place of fairies and unicorns, where only the brave adventure far on that land in order to obtain that extraordinary ingredient. The “Production Magical Dust”!

”Oh my” you say…


Ya, it is a hard ingredient to obtain. But guess what?
We have it here at A.W.R.!
Bring your song here and we will add some of that dust on it.
It will go from a “Home-recording” sounding tune to a “Oh-dear-this-feels-good-man” one!


The Technical Stuff


The technical stuff

So you already have your song all ready?

You have braved into the mystical lands of production but you have no idea how to make your tune sound like the radio?
Well it sucks I know…

It is all that technical stuff.

Equalizers, compressors, exciters ( YEY! ) parallel stuff, “automatition?” (Is that how you write it?) You don’t even know anymore, you are lost, you wanna cry… mastering?, zzz…

Yes, your eyes got tired and you already fell asleep just reading these terms.

Well, we do that too.

Truth to be told, there is a lot of creativity in this process, and it is very musical! I encourage you to learn it.

But I know, mixing and mastering seems like that illuminati knowledge that is kept under the tombs of Tutankhamun.

You can only hear rumors of it on the internet, and no one seems to be able to teach you in a precise manner.

Worry not! Bring your stuff to A.W.R. and we will do it for you!


Say my name!


Say my name!

We are the one who knocks!

What good is a beautiful song when no one listens to it?

Let us knock on other people’s doors to promote your music!

(Coming Soon)


Sing Along


Sing along

Let us book your live act with a few of our many collaborating venues!

(Coming Soon)